About us

Handyinfo.ie is so much more than just another Business Directory.

It is a business centre helping to bring web users and businesses together to their mutual benefit.
At handyinfo.ie our focus is to make the web work better for your business. Its not just about having a website, its not just about having phone directory online, its not just about helping someone find your email. It is about there being a central place where visitors can go for reliable dependable and complete information about your business. For us at handyinfo.ie its about setting up a communications centre that helps users find your business/service and lots of information about you. Importantly we make it free for visitors to use and free to add comprehensive details about your business for free and finally its about putting the power back in your hands – with your free access password – only you can amend ( and update) your details …and all of this for FREE!

Whats included for Free:-
Your Business Name, Address Details, Contact Details, Business Logo, Location Map, Images of your business/products, opening hours, about your business, plus instant email contact to you from visitors to handyinfo.ie plus a password that allows you amend and update these details whenever you want to. All 100% FREE.

We are all about getting your business noticed…
Handyinfo.ie is for all businesses (service, professional, technical, retail, etc) – about making businesses more accessible online and making it easier to communicate with businesses – and most importantly we are inclusive by ensuring you get a very high quality service absolutely free.

Strictly no funny stuff…
At handyinfo.ie we have researched what businesses want and there are many, many, many business directory services out there offering all sorts of packages – including free services that are so limited (like “your business only sometimes appears in the search”) – others don’t include your email or web address, others withhold your phone number – all with one intent – to oblige you to upgrade to the higher paid services. At handyinfo we want to display all your business information for FREE

To be the best…
Our aim at handyinfo.ie is to be the biggest and best (we already are the fastest growing!) business web directory in Ireland – with quality valuable information about your business – available for free! Including a handy inquiry form where visitors can send you an inquiry direct from handyinfo.ie

You are in control…
That’s it – as much information as we can include about your business for free and a login and password that allows you to update your information whenever you want – (not one of those directories they have stopped updating and you can not contact them and your phone numbers are incorrect!). Why, because no one knows better than you – if your information is up to date, or if you need to make a quick update. You can even remove your information ( hopefully you will not want to – but know that you can, if and when you need to).

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Talk to Us…
We welcome feedback and suggestions – so that we can grow our beta online business directory to better meet the needs of business and help build better communication between you and the people you serve.

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