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Rising damp usually occurs when unprotected porous materials (i.e. bricks, stone or random rubble walls) come into contact with damp matter namely earth .there is many telltale signs associated damp, such as; Unsightly staining to wall coverings (wallpaper and paint)A salt like substance (hygroscopic salt) forming in patches, which will brush off to the touch and reform if not treated Heat loss, water is a very good conductor and even through the solid medium of masonry can radiate heat at an alarming rate and thus play a big part in the cost of heating your home Your health, dampness promotes fungal growth which can affect the air you breathe (respiratory problems etc) Timber decay, if your damp problem is not addressed if can attack timbers (i.e. Floors joists) and in time breakdown the complete structure of timber We offer a range of specialized cures for Condensation, Damp Proofing, Timber Treatment, Dry Rot, Wet Rot and Wood Worm
Condensation is a very common problem which can be treated very successfully with a minimum amount of disruption to the householder, all work carried out by AAA Advanced Damp Proofing is covered with a written guarantee and we can supply prospective clients with a list of existing clients
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